Icebreakers and Energisers

Energisers form an interactive narrative with participants to maximise conference outcomes.

Break through the awkward small talk and interpersonal barriers that can crop up during conferences and events with our fantastic team-building icebreakers and energiser activities. The perfect excuse to get attendees moving and chatting, all while introducing a fun break or start to your business event. Icebreakers give attendees a much gentler introduction to each other without being put on the spot or having to stand up in front of the group. In addition, using our energiser activities mid-way through a long, on-going conference is an excellent way to re-energise delegates and refresh them after having been in one place for some time.

What Are Icebreakers and Energisers?

The best way to sum up an icebreaker or energiser is as a short, gamified networking exercise that encourages individuals to talk to each other or learn a bit about each other’s strengths or weaknesses. Take our options, Human Bingo or Knowing Me Knowing You; this is a direct communication icebreaker that sees teammates learning about each other’s shared interests, forming strong interpersonal bonds and getting to know each other in a more relaxed format. Our Mexican Railway energiser session sees teams pitted against each other to be the first to build and work their railways. It’s a much more physical activity than Knowing Me Knowing You and leaves less time to network, instead focusing on solid teamwork and improved team dynamics.

Why Use Team Building Icebreakers and Energisers?

Even the most social extroverts require a nudge to get going when at a conference or business meeting - especially around people they are unfamiliar with or a larger crowd of attendees. Which stands to reason, as most people need an excuse to come out of their shells and start chatting and socialising with those around them. Once attendees get going, however, it is much easier to interact with those around them which instantly lightens the atmosphere - but getting them started can be the tricky bit.

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