Courageous teams operate in an environment of trust, belonging and integrity.

courageous teams

Courageous teams operate in an environment of trust, belonging and integrity. They have the initiative to take on more complex projects together to achieve more. Together they persevere when confronted with challenges and face change without fear.

Courageous workers have self-belief. They try more, trust more and discuss more openly. As a member of a team, they feel valued, and value others. Individuals who feel trusted and supported by their team move out of their comfort zone and face new challenges.

Courage takes time and practice to develop. And, team leaders play a vital role. Leaders should exhibit a positive attitude and encourage all team members to speak up willingly and communicate their ideas. Make active listening a habit. Show interest in others' opinions by asking questions. Nurture an environment where it's OK for people to identify when they don't know the answer. When everyone feels included, and their opinion is valued creativity, and discussion flows.

Leaders should promote open, honest communication which is solutions focused. Give support to team members that dare to discuss what is not working and raise potentially sensitive issues. Enabling the courage to speak up will allow the team to move through problems, find solutions, and make courageous decisions.

It's essential to make opportunities to get to know each team member and the value and skills that they bring to the team. Understanding and valuing individual talents in the group enables teams to thoroughly and accurately evaluate opportunities and, face challenges with purpose. Through time and shared experiences, they can reflect on the past to rationally assess risk, make decisions collaboratively and avoid rash, unproductive actions.

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