WWF cohesive explosive musical extravaganza

Published on 3 Apr 2017

The Hong Kong office of leading global conversation organisation, World Wide Fund for Nature, WWF, take part in low carbon emission and completely reusable BeatsWork musical extravaganza programme at the Music Farm in Hong Kong. With over one hundred participants this truly was team building on a grand musical scale!

What happened?

The group was split into smaller teams of around forty participants and lead through a series of practice rhythms using clapping tapping and movement. Next came the learning and practice will real instruments of big drums, tambourines, tambourines, agogobells, cowbells, shakers and maracas. The team learned the different layers of rhythms as one team and then split into their musical groups to practice and make perfect their specific beat.

Once the musical groups had got their piece perfect the teams of different instruments came back together and our team of musical facilitators led them through the paces of silent breaks, five beat breaks, vocal breaks, solo breaks and the rumba!

Finally the entire organisation regrouped and transformed into a giant samba rhythm band where the pounding of music was energising, engaging and inspiring.


Far from making fragmented noises, WWF had a cohesive explosive musical extravaganza! Participants came to realise that even if you think you don’t have rhythm with enough practice and the support of the team you will get there successfully. The power of playing music together and the rhythmic sound of the beat created a spirit of unity in this memorable shared experience.

Best of all the instruments are completely reusable, so no wastage or recycling needs to take place.

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